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Nocturnal Emission

by Apollo and the Sun

Released 2017
Released 2017
Songs that might have been considered "cool" fifteen years ago.
Late one night all alone inside his room, Dane Goodwin was vigorously tugging off to either a yearbook, Good Housekeeping mag, or some cheap dumpster porn (nobody's really sure) when he experienced an orgasm so intense that he whacked the back of his head against the wall and knocked himself out cold, thus inducing a hypnotic coma... Dane then saw the heavens open up and the very handsome poltergeist of Jerry Sandusky himself descended upon him. Sir Sandusky said, "Dane, I am Jerry Sandusky." Dane said, "fuck". Sandusky said, "Dude, you should really start a band." At that precise moment Dane realized that Coach Sandusky was not trying to seduce him, but that his musical destiny involving loud stacks of Marshalls, roaring distortion, thundering drums, and short crappy punk songs was his ultimate destiny. The Sun Gods were born! Since that faithful day the Sun Gods have set the Special Olympic scene aflame with songs about masturbation and pot. Their music has been featured on local radio stations as well as Australian and English stations. Their music has also been featured in several feature films, skate and wakeboarding videos as well as full fledged pornographic mixtapes! Catch them on tour!

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